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Why Does My Home Have High Water Pressure?

Posted On: July 01, 2016
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There are times when high water pressure can be beneficial, for example, when power washing your home, washing your car, or even taking a shower. While it may be good during those times, it’s not so great for your home’s plumbing or quite frankly your water bill.

The typical water pressure in a home is about 40 to 45 psi. The average home plumbing system can’t handle pressure that is over 80 psi and in most cases it should not even exceed 60 psi.

When water pressure in a home reaches over 80 psi you can often expect leaks. This is due to the extra stress that is put on your home’s pipes. Appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, and hot water heaters can also be harmed by shortened lifespans.

At this point you’re probably wondering why high water pressure occurs. This problem most often stems from:

  1. Thermal expansion from your water heater warming up.
  2. Your town’s water company keeping water pressure high so that the needs of fire hydrants are met.
  3. Your home is located at the bottom of a hill. Natural water runs downhill, resulting in increased water pressure.

If you’re not quite sure whether or not you have high water pressure look for these signs:

  1. Water spitting from faucet aerators when the water is running.
  2. Loud banging noises in your pipes, also known as water hammer.
  3. Shorter appliance life. You’ve needed to replace your water heater, washing machine, or dishwasher much earlier than its life expectancy.

You’ve observed one of the high water pressure indicators above, now what?

The best solution is to call a licensed plumber. A plumber will ensure that high water pressure is in fact the actual problem and help you find the right fix. If you’re in the Minneapolis area don’t hesitate to call us, or schedule service online. We provide quality plumbing workmanship at a fair price.

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