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Why a Humidifier is Important in Winter

Posted On: December 09, 2016

More people are talking about having a humidifier. But why is it important? You might be surprised to find it offers more benefits than you know.



As temperatures become cooler, the outside air becomes drier. When that happens, your skin doesn’t tend to get the same moisture that it normally does. That leads to dry skin and chapped lips and the need for lotion and lip balm. In addition, dry conditions lead to greater chances for you to get sick.


How many times have you walked into a room and touched something or someone only to shock them with static electricity? That’s another symptom of dry air. Static electricity builds up as you move and needs to discharge. That usually happens when you reach out to touch something. Dry air is more suited for the shocks because of the lack of water in the air, which keeps the shock from taking place.

Your Home

When you heat your home, the air tends to get dry naturally. With colder air outside already having an impact on the wood in your home, making it contract, you need something that will keep the wood and other materials from developing unsightly cracks. In addition, your belongings can experience negative consequences from the dry air. Electronics, valuable artwork and furniture all have problems with air that’s too dry.

You also spend more money heating your home when the air is dry. We feel warmer in the summer than the outdoor thermometer indicates and that is generally because of humidity. When that is gone, it makes things feel cooler and in the wintertime, it leads to the tendency to turn up the thermostat.

The Solution


The answer to the problem is a humidifier. The benefits include better health. Your skin will be less dry and you won’t have to use as much lip balm. You’ll also breathe better and will be less susceptible to sickness. There are even reports that you are less likely to snore when a humidifier is running.

Other benefits would include your comfort level. With more humid air, you’re less likely to shock your spouse, kids or your pets. Additionally, when you have a humidifier running, it can save money on your heating bill because more humid air means you feel warmer than the temperature would suggest. You then won’t want the heat up quite as high.

At Genz-Ryan, we offer several options. There are steam and whole house humidifiers and both could be a solution, based on the systems that your home has. If you’re interested to know more, click here and get in touch with us, or call us at (612) 223-6158 and we can discuss what would be right for you.

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