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4 Signs Homeowners Need to Call A Plumber

Posted On: November 08, 2018
Burnsville MN Plumber

Reasons You May Need A Minneapolis / St. Paul Metro Area Plumber

Plumbing problems tend to visit homeowners in two ways. The first is a slow accumulation — so gradual that people may not even realize something is wrong until it is really serious. The second way plumbing problems show up in a home, is a plumbing problem that happens in an instant – totally unexpected. Since many plumbing issues, both gradual and instant, can arrive entirely unexpectedly, homeowners need to know what to watch for and how best to approach a solution. Here are four symptoms of a troubled plumbing system.

  1. Water Pressure Is Low Or Stopped

    Turning on a faucet and discovering that the water is not flowing could be a sign of many different things. If it is only happening with one faucet, it could indicate a clog in the aerator or the faucet pipe. Of course, most people know that in winter, even in some warmer climates, minimal or no water pressure may often be an indicator of a freezing or frozen pipe.

    Other reasons for low or no water pressure could be cracked or damaged pipes. Left unattended, broken or slowly leaking water or sewer pipes can cause thousands of dollars in water damage. In many cases, the homeowner may not even know they have low water pressure until they visit a neighbor who has normal pressure. In most cases, a plumber can determine if the water pressure into a home and flowing through a facet is normal for the neighborhood.

  2. Stubborn Kitchen Or Bathroom Sink Clogs That Will Not Go Away

    Most homeowners have and know how to use a toilet plunger to eliminate basic clogs. This is usually ok for small, temporary clogs. However, they may not be as skilled at removing blockages in the bathroom or kitchen sink that tend to keep coming back. Clogs that will not go away are usually indications of blockages either much further down the pipe or composed of the material that a plunger can’t remove. Even if you are experiencing toilet clogs, make sure to contact a plumber at Genz-Ryan, the number one plumbing repair expert in the MN/St. Paul Metro area.

    To remove stubborn, long-term clogs, people will often try and use drain cleaners purchased at grocery stores. These contain harsh chemicals and are usually considered unwise and unsafe to use for the treatment of this problem. They can erode and possibly damage the pipes, which would then possibly leak and require replacement. In some cases, pipes treated with drain cleaners can even erupt from the drain or pipe and injure people. Fortunately, stubborn clogs and problems with your garbage disposal can be an easy fix for a professional MN/St. Paul Metro area Plumber.

  3. Mysterious Water Stains

    Plumbing fixtures and equipment are built to keep the water well-contained, even as it moves throughout the home. Common signs that the water is escaping include:

    • pools of water around the toilet
    • the dripping water surrounding a water heater
    • brown water spots on the walls or ceiling

    Water on the bathroom floor is an indication that a toilet may not have a tight seal. Dripping or puddling water around a water heater could be a warning that the tank is encountering dangerous pressures inside. Too hot of water or too high of pressure can cause the safety relief system to activate or worse, the whole system to fracture. It could also be a sign that the water heater has reached the end of its useful life. These issues demand prompt attention.

    Leaks from faucets and toilets could also be caused by high water pressure. Burnsville has high water pressure throughout the city and homes must have a system to reduce this. Contact Genz-Ryan to have a plumber check your systems and make sure they’re up to par.

    Leaks in the walls and water heaters are an emergency situation as water damage gets worse the longer it sits. Untreated water damage can quickly destroy sheetrock, rot wood and could cause harmful mold.

  4. Smelly Water Or Water Discoloration

    In most cases, some parts of a homes plumbing system will eventually need attention or will need to be replaced. Water that comes out brown or discolored from the facet could be a sign that the water heater needs repair or replacement. Old copper pipes can corrode over time, releasing a stream of green or blue-tinged water. If the water or the pipes smell bad, there may be an issue with the sewer line. Sewer leaks and backflow can turn into an awful situation very quickly, so this symptom indicates a need for a fast call to a plumber.

    No one wants to wake up to a huge plumbing problem that costs them a ton of money to fix. Fortunately, a little advance notice could make all the difference. By watching out for common signs of plumbing concerns, homeowners can make the call early and possibly save themselves a lot of trouble – and cost, in the future.

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Winter is right around the corner, so now’s the time to start thinking about getting your plumbing ready for the colder weather ahead. Schedule your Plumbing Service in the Minneapolis/St.Paul metro area, Call (612) 223-6158 now and make sure your home is ready to keep up with all of your guests this holiday season! Genz-Ryan is always here to help!

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