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What Kind of Sump Pump Do I Need?

Posted On: April 03, 2020

Protecting your basement from flooding is essential when it comes to preparing for the spring storm season in Minnesota. Having the correct sump pump in your home is the best defense against flooding and extra moisture in your basement.

So, what is a sump pump? A sump pump is a small pump that is installed in the lowest part of a basement or crawl space, where it works to keep that area dry and prevent flooding. The amount of groundwater in the ground around your foundation can increase during times of heavier rainfall. A sump pump prevents flooding by pulling water out of your basement and redirecting it to a storm drain or another place away from the home’s foundation. It does not take much water to cause significant damage in your home, so keeping the lowest part of your home as dry as possible is critical to avoid both hassle and expense.

Along with preventing water damage by keeping water out of your basement, the correct sump pump can reduce the risk of fires by keeping electrical circuits in your basement dry. Excessive moisture is a leading cause of electrical fires, and with the right sump pump, your basement can stay dry and reduce your risk of fire.

But not just any sump pump will do – you need the right one for your home. During the spring season in Minnesota, when the snow is melting or heavier rainfall occurs, you want as much flood prevention as possible.

The Different Types of Sump Pumps

Primary Sump Pump

A primary sump pump is the most common sump pump for homes. This pump is designed to pump seepage water out of your basement, therefore preventing floods. A primary sump pump can pump up to several thousand gallons an hour to keep your home safe and dry.

There is one main type of primary sump pump, called a submersible pump. Submersible pumps are installed underwater in your sump pump basin. Having the motor of a submersible pump installed underwater helps reduce the noise level and keeps the motor cool, which is essential during a massive storm.

Alternating Sump Pump

An alternating sump pump is popular with homeowners, because there are two pumps that alternate when operating. A benefit of having an alternating sump pump is that it reduces the overall load on each pump. In a high-demand situation, however, both pumps can run at the same time to protect your home from flooding.

Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Most sump pumps are electric-powered, so if your power goes out during a bad storm, an electric sump pump won’t do much good. But a battery backup sump pump can take over in the event of a power outage. They’re also helpful if the main pump fails or needs a bit of help.

Combination Sump Pump Systems

Combination sump pumps are a combination of a primary pump and a battery backup all in one package. With a combination sump pump, you can be protected under normal circumstances and in power outages as well. The backup pump will also kick on in case a primary pump cannot keep up.

Smart Sump Pumps

As technology is continuously growing and more items are upgrading to a “smart home” category, there are now smart sump pumps that are Wi-Fi-capable. These can alert you of potential flood threats, no matter where you are. If a malfunction occurs, you know immediately.

We Can Provide the Right Sump Pump for Your Home

With the variety of options and factors that go into a sump pump, you want to know that you have the correct one for your home and needs. Sump pumps can prevent many different troubles: not just flooding but also the threat of mold and mildew and the risk of fire in your home. With the team at Genz-Ryan Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, we can install any sump pump, including digging the pit and install the discharge piping.

For additional sump pump information or to schedule a service call with our talented team in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, contact Genz-Ryan today, either by calling (612) 223-6158 or by contacting us online.

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