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Standard Storage Water Heaters & Service in the Twin Cities

Woman cleaning the sink with green solutionChoosing the right water heater for your home is a big decision, one which we don’t take lightly. Let us help you select the best one that fits both your needs and budget.

Standard Storage Water Heater

At Genz-Ryan we offer industry leading water heaters.


Gene Ryan offers the largest selection of ENERGY STAR® tank water heaters in the industry. Our gas water heaters are available in natural gas and liquid propane.

On the average, water heaters last longer than any other appliance in the home. Choosing one of a higher efficiency models will substantially reduce fuel costs and green house gas emissions for years to come. We provide the best and most reliable water heaters in the world.

Features & Benefits of a New Water Heaters

  • Energy efficient!
    Get more hot water at a lower operating cost!
  • Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistance.
    Engineered to exceed ANSI standards.
  • Exclusive, Air Shut-Off System.
    It shuts off gas and air supplies – providing double protection.
  • Flame Arrestor Plate.
    A specially-designed flame arrestor prevents ignition of vapors outside the combustion chamber.
  • Superior Air Filtration. 
    It prevents the flame arrestor from becoming clogged by lint, dust and oil.
  • Maintenance-Free!
    No Filters to Clean! No filters to service, replace or clean.
  • Standard gas valve and Thermocouple – easy to replace.
  • It’s Easy to Light.
    No matches are required.
Proudly Serving The Twin Cities!