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Your HVAC and Plumbing Questions Answered

What can cause drain problems?
Most drains use a system called a “trap”. A trap is a piece of pipe that comes apart just below the drain point on your sink. It’s located at a low point in the system so that when you wash heavy items down the drain they often collect there. In a kitchen sink this is where fat can congeal making a plug of solid fat, which can combine with other materials going down the drain causing a clog.

Note: You should avoid putting oils, grease and fat down your drain. If these items do go down your drain make sure to run your garbage disposal with cold water. This will help chop up the fat and allow it to move through your pipes.

If you’re having problems with only one sink, you can try unscrewing the bottom of the trap and try to clear it out. But first make sure your water is turned off and you’re ready with a bucket for any of the nasty stuff that comes out. If this doesn’t solve the problem you probably have a clog elsewhere and need to contact your plumber.

How important is an EnergyGuide Label?

The EnergyGuide label is important when shopping for an energy-efficient product.  The U.S. government requires manufacturer’s to affix the label to a variety of products to provide a way for consumers to compare the energy use of similar appliances.

The label helps you understand and compare the estimated yearly operating cost based on the unit’s electricity usage and the national average cost of energy.  Estimated yearly electricity use tells consumers how much electricity the appliances use in a year based on typical use. Multiply this by the electricity rate on your utility bill, and you can determine your estimated operating costs.

The EnergyGuide label makes it easier to find energy efficient appliances, which cost less to run, and help lower your utility bills. And of course, using less energy is good for the environment, too; it can reduce air pollution and help conserve our natural resources.

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