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What to Do When Your Pipes Burst

Posted On: December 07, 2017
Frozen Pipes

Winter is upon us. The weather forecast calls for freezing temperatures with a chance of pipes bursting. Freezing temperatures are the number one culprit of a pipe burst, but people don’t think about it until it’s too late, and they’re stuck in hot water (Or, in this case, cold water).

While freezing temps can cause pipe bursts, things like water pressure issues, corrosion and improper installation can cause pipes to leak and burst as well. Pipes that are most at risk for freezing and bursting are exterior pipes and ones that are exposed in attics, crawl spaces and garages.

Whatever the reason, you should know what to do if it happens to you.

What to do when your pipes burst:
  1. Immediately shut off the water to prevent further water damage.
  2. Turn off your HVAC system.
  3. Turn off any electric devices.
  4. Cover your electric breaker box.
  5. Call a professionally licensed plumber at Genz-Ryan.
  6. Move furniture, clothing, electronics etc. to prevent them from getting destroyed by water damage.
  7. Start removing any water that you can with buckets, a shop vac, your sump pump or pans.
  8. Place fans and dehumidifiers around the home to prevent mold and moisture damage.
  9. Call your insurance company if enough damage occurred that you will need to file a claim.
In the future, to help prevent a pipe burst follow these steps:
  1. Insulate your pipes.
  2. Trickle warm water from your faucets when temperatures are below freezing.
  3. Keep your home at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer, especially if you leave for vacation.
  4. Keep your kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors open to let in warmer air around the pipes.
  5. If you suspect a frozen pipe, keep the faucet on and use a hair dryer, hot towels or a space heater to heat the part of the pipe that is frozen.

Get help from a trusted plumber

Don’t get stuck in cold water this winter, or worse, with a flooded basement and damage to your space and personal belongings. If you have a pipe burst in the Minneapolis- Saint Paul area, contact the expert plumbers at Genz-Ryan or schedule your next service online.

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