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Electrical Panel Upgrade Service in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area

electrical panelElectrical panels determine how much electricity homes can handle to safely power appliances, lights, and outlets. When a system is more than 40 years old or experiences excess technical difficulties, it may be time to call a Minneapolis-St. Paul electrician for an upgrade.

Genz-Ryan Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical provides high-quality electrical services you can trust. Since 1950, our expert team has provided homeowners with safe, reliable electrical solutions and the highest-quality customer service.

Call Genz-Ryan at (612) 223-6158 or contact us online to schedule an electrical panel upgrade in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area!

Signs Your St. Paul Electrical Panel Needs an Upgrade

If you notice any of these red flags at your Minneapolis-St. Paul home, it’s likely time for an electrical panel upgrade:

  • Circuit breakers are frequently tripped.
  • Running multiple electrical devices or appliances at once causes poor performance across other devices, such as lights dimming when other devices are powered on.
  • You need to use extension cords throughout your home.
  • Your current panel is at least 40 years old.

In the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, the average home was built in 1977, meaning the average local resident lives in a home where an electrical panel is past its 40-year life span. If you’ve experienced any of the issues or are living in a home built before 1980, it may be time to contact Genz-Ryan for an electrical inspection and panel upgrade service.

Call (612) 223-6158 or contact Genz-Ryan online to schedule electrical panel service in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area!

What Do Minneapolis Electrical Panel Upgrades Involve?

Your home’s electrical panel regulates electricity distribution in your home. When functioning properly, the panel will allow safe amounts of electricity to flow through a circuit to power lights, outlets, and appliances.

Older homes with fewer circuits only allow a maximum of 60 amps to be distributed across all devices. Today, however, the standard service size for homes is 200 amps.

Upgrading an older panel allows more power to be safely distributed across outlets, lights, and appliances, so you can enjoy continued use of all your devices. This upgrade generally involves:

  • Temporarily shutting down electrical service to your home
  • Cutting and removing wires in the panel
  • Unscrewing and removing the old system
  • Installing all connections for the new system
  • Testing the new system to ensure it’s operating safely and correctly

Electrical panel replacement can be extremely dangerous to perform without proper electrical training.

To ensure your electrical panel upgrade is completed safely, efficiently, and flawlessly, call the expert electricians at Genz-Ryan at (612) 223-6158 or contact us online now!

Customer Review
“My electrician and his assistant were great. They asked what the problem was and then asked a question or two in order to verify how to fix the problem and then went to work and accomplished the fix. They gave me three fix-it options from minimum to top of the line and didn’t try and pressure me. I have used Genz-Ryan for electrical, plumbing and replacing furnace and AC units and they always take care of us in a positive professional manner.” – Randy K.

Benefits of Electrical Panel Upgrades for Minneapolis-St. Paul Homes

Upgrading your electrical panel comes with many benefits that far outweigh the cost of system replacement. Homeowners will enjoy the following immediate and long-term benefits when they choose to upgrade their systems with Genz-Ryan:

  • Reduced risk of an electrical fire
  • Even power distribution throughout their homes
  • Capacity for more home appliances without fear of blowing a fuse
  • More consistent appliance and lighting usage
  • Fewer power surges
  • Priceless peace of mind that their home has plenty of access to reliable, safe electricity

Give your home the benefit of improved energy distribution and power usage by calling (612) 223-6158 for an electrical panel upgrade!

Schedule an Electrical Panel Upgrade for Your Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Home

Since 1950, Genz-Ryan has proudly served the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, providing first-class electrical service, backed by respect, great prices, and exceptional solutions.

Call (612) 223-6158 or contact Genz-Ryan online to schedule electrical panel service in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I lose power in only one room?

This usually tracks back to a tripped circuit breaker — or, in a home with an outdated electrical panel, a blown fuse. You can easily reset the breaker by going to your electrical panel and flipping the switch for that room back to the “on” position.

If you regularly have tripped breakers, you likely need a panel upgrade to distribute the electrical load across more circuits.

What's the difference between a circuit breaker and an electrical panel?

A circuit breaker refers to each of the electrical switches found in an electrical panel. A modern electrical panel contains many circuit breakers, each governing a different room or appliance in your home.

Why do I need to upgrade fuse boxes?

Putting aside the cost and frustration of buying a new fuse whenever one blows in your home, fuse boxes are substantially more prone to failure and electrical fire hazards.

Modern circuit breakers are far safer and more reliable at cutting power to avert harm to people or property. Fuse boxes are also out of code, reducing the value of your home and causing some difficulty if you wish to sell it.

Do I need to upgrade my electrical panel to install an EV charging station?

If your home has an older electrical panel that isn’t 200 amps, or you’re already loading it to its full capacity and lack space for a new circuit breaker, you’ll need an upgrade.

Modern electrical panels with available circuit breakers shouldn’t require an upgrade to install an EV charging station.

What's the difference between adding a sub-panel and upgrading my main electrical panel?

A sub-panel acts as a satellite, useful for controlling circuits in out-of-the-way areas.

Adding a sub-panel can’t help when you need to supply more power to high-draw appliances or circuits or when you already have troubles stemming from your main electrical panel regarding reliability, power draw, etc.

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