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Minneapolis-St. Paul Area Whole-Home Surge Protection Services

Whole-home surge protector and labeled electrical panelA power surge in your home doesn’t always have to mean a lightning strike or massive wind storm: Much more commonplace are the small power surges that affect Minneapolis-St. Paul area homeowners any time a high-energy appliance is used. While these small surges might not do much damage in the moment, repeated surges over time can have serious consequences for your home’s electrical system.

At Genz-Ryan, our team provides the whole-home surge protection services that Twin Cities families need to protect against electrical damage in their homes. When you’re looking to protect your electrical devices and improve the safety of your home’s system, contact Genz-Ryan to schedule whole-home surge protection services today!

What is Whole-Home Surge Protection?

Whole-home surge protection is a special device that is typically installed on your electrical meter or panel. This device monitors incoming voltage, reducing it to safe levels whenever a spike occurs before allowing the flow of electricity to continue. With this device properly installed in your home, you can protect virtually every electrical component from power surge-related damage, including outlets, switches, phone lines, and hard-wired items that can’t be plugged into a standard surge protector. Homeowners can further strengthen their surge protection by taking a two-tiered approach and using a whole-home surge protector along with power strips to protect their devices.

Benefits of Whole-Home Surge Protection for Twin Cities Homes

Choosing to install a whole-home surge protector in your home can provide many benefits, including:
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  • Extended life span of electronic devices
  • Decreased risk for electrical fire
  • Reduced need for costly repairs

Ready to experience the difference of whole-home surge protection in your Minneapolis-St. Paul area home? Contact Genz-Ryan to schedule whole-home surge protection services today.

Signs Your Minneapolis-St. Paul Area Home Needs Surge Protection

Almost any homeowner can benefit from choosing whole-home surge protection services. However, there are some signs that homeowners should watch for that will indicate a more serious need for whole-home surge protection. Such symptoms include:

  • Frequently flickering lights
  • Constantly tripped circuit breakers
  • Damaged outlets or switches
  • Electrical shock when outlets or switches are in use

If you’ve noticed any of the aforementioned signs in your home, it’s time to schedule whole-home surge protection with the master electricians at Genz-Ryan. Our team is specially trained to deliver the long-lasting solutions that Minneapolis-St. Paul area homeowners need to ensure safe, reliable power in their homes.

Contact us online or call us at (612) 223-6158 to schedule whole-home surge protection services in your home today!

Customer Review
“My electrician and his assistant were great. They asked what the problem was and then asked a question or two in order to verify how to fix the problem and then went to work and accomplished the fix. They gave me three fix-it options from minimum to top of the line and didn’t try and pressure me. I have used Genz Ryan for electrical, plumbing and replacing furnace and AC units and they always take care of us in a positive professional manner.” – Randy K.

Choose Genz-Ryan for Twin Cities Whole-Home Surge Protection

Since 1950, Genz-Ryan’s master electricians have proudly served the Twin Cities region, delivering the most effective electrical solutions available. Our family-owned business has delivered on our promise to provide the most exceptional service possible. When you choose our team for service, you’ll always enjoy:

  • Safe, efficient, quality installation
  • Second-to-none warranty protection
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Premium products selection
  • Custom, upfront, honest pricing
  • Reliable, hassle-free, 24-hour service

Don’t trust just any team with your surge protection needs: Get the expert service your home deserves from the service professionals that Twin Cities has trusted for decades. Contact Genz-Ryan to schedule whole-home surge protection today.

Schedule Whole-Home Surge Protection in Minneapolis-St. Paul

When it comes to protecting your electrical devices from unnecessary damage, few solutions offer better defense than whole-home surge protection. Our team will make an expert recommendation for your whole-home surge protection needs, helping you select the system that’s best suited for your personal power needs.

Contact us online or call us at (612) 223-6158 to get started with safeguarding your home’s electrical devices and schedule whole-home surge protection today!

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