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Wiring & Rewiring Services in Minneapolis-St. Paul

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Our modern lifestyle and desired comfort depend on reliable wiring within the home. As homes age, wiring systems can wear out and require repairs or replacement. Outdated wiring can cause unnecessary disruptions or damage sensitive electronics such as computers, televisions, home theater systems, and refrigerators. Moreover, faulty or damaged electrical wiring poses a significant fire and electrocution hazard.

Electrical wiring comes in a wide range of gauges. The heavier the electrical wiring gauge, the more current the wiring can carry. Over the past few decades, the electrical needs of the average family have increased significantly. This means that many older homes in Minnesota lack sufficient wiring to support all of the computers, televisions, and appliances that modern life depends upon. Rewiring your home can solve this problem and allow you to enjoy every modern comfort you desire.

Signs Your Minneapolis-St. Paul Home Needs Electric Wiring or Rewiring

Electrical systems are no different than any other system in your home. When the wiring starts to go, several symptoms will alert you to the presence of a problem with the wiring. Common problems that you will want to stay alert for include:

  • Fuses that repeatedly blow
  • Circuit breakers that regularly trip
  • Sparks, buzzing, or cracking sounds emanating from electrical outlets and switches
  • Burn marks around electrical switches or outlets
  • Burning or ozone smells throughout your home
  • Flickering lights

It’s imperative not to delay repairs if you notice any of these symptoms. Faulty or damaged wiring can pose a significant risk of fire. Moreover, if you notice damaged outlets or switches, you should avoid using these until a certified electrician has performed a thorough inspection and identified the cause of damage.

Benefits of Rewiring Your Home in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area

There are many benefits to rewiring your Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area home. When you rewire your home, you will:

  • Eliminate electrical problems that can threaten the safety of the structure and your family
  • Reduce your monthly electric bills
  • Reduce the risk of unexpected power outages
  • Enhance your electrical system’s capacity to support modern technology like home security systems, home entertainment systems, and smart home features

The bottom line is that rewiring your Minneapolis-St. Paul home increases both your comfort and the resale value of the property.

Customer Review
“My electrician and his assistant were great. They asked what the problem was and then asked a question or two in order to verify how to fix the problem and then went to work and accomplished the fix. They gave me three fix-it options from minimum to top of the line and didn’t try and pressure me. I have used Genz Ryan for electrical, plumbing and replacing furnace and AC units and they always take care of us in a positive professional manner.” – Randy K.

Why Choose Genz-Ryan?

At Genz-Ryan Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical, our electricians maintain a thorough knowledge of electrical safety codes and employ the most advanced repair and replacement techniques in the industry. We carefully select our team members for their skills, electrical expertise, and commitment to customer service. From small problems to major repairs, you can depend on our team to perform the task quickly, safely, efficiently, and, most importantly, effectively.

We don’t just stand behind our electrical services; we guarantee every task we perform. It’s our pledge that every wire, every socket, every switch, and every component within your electrical system that we install will work as required for as long as it is used in accordance with the component’s specifications.

Schedule Wiring or Rewiring Services in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area Today!

Day or night, the team at Genz-Ryan is ready to answer your call! Contact us at (612) 440-3124 to schedule an inspection or repair of the wiring in your Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area home. We will dispatch an electrician who will quickly identify the problem with your home wiring and perform the necessary electrical wiring repairs or replacements to the highest quality standards.

Wiring & Rewiring FAQs

Can faulty wiring cause power loss in one room?

Having no power in a single room, like a garage or bathroom, is often caused by tripped GFCI outlets or circuit breakers. If you flip the breaker or reset the outlet and it continually trips, you likely have an underlying problem like faulty wiring that’s disrupting the flow of electricity.

Loose connections and damaged wiring should be addressed by a trusted electrician with professional wiring and rewiring.

Why should I worry about rewiring my house?

Old wiring isn’t just inefficient and often unable to adequately supply newer high-power appliances, it can be a serious hazard to your home. Rewiring a home with old wiring significantly reduces the risk of house fires, in addition to the various benefits you’ll see in terms of safe, clean, reliable electricity delivered to your gadgets and appliances. And even if you have newer wiring, you may want to rewire with a remodel, expansion, or the addition of new lighting or appliances.

How much does rewiring cost?

The cost of rewiring your home will vary with a number of different factors, so it’s hard to say before we can assess the specifics of your situation. The size of your home, accessibility of your wiring, the products you’re installing, any changes or repairs that need to be made in the process, and a host of other factors all will shape the final cost of rewiring.

Will rewiring my house improve my home value?

Yes, rewiring your home will almost always improve the value of that home. Old wiring is, as mentioned, a risk factor for house fires, can limit the appliances a home can run, etc. New wiring eliminates a lot of concerns for prospective buyers, which, in turn, improves what you could reasonably ask for your home — and even if you’re not selling, reducing the risk of damage to your home or electronic devices is a sound investment.

Can I rewire my own house?

Rewiring your home without falling out of code, to say nothing of the actual technical difficulties and safety concerns, can be extremely difficult without proper training. While it may not be technically impossible to do so, it’s easy to end up breaking the law, harming yourself, or damaging your property in the process. We recommend always leaving it to a certified electrician.

Will rewiring my house be messy?

The rewiring process can be quite messy, but we’ll take every precaution to minimize the mess and then take care to clean up after ourselves when we’re done. We don’t want your brand-new electrical systems to be overshadowed by the frustration of a lengthy cleanup, after all.

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