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My Air Conditioner Isn’t Working…Now What?

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Spot the Bus Contest with Genz-Ryan

Keep your eyes on the road for a chance to win $500! The Genz-Ryan fleet of blue and red vehicles…read more

Don’t Flush That! What Not to Put Down the Toilet

Toilet paper is specifically designed to work with your plumbing system, dissolving before any risk of clogs or backups. Other…read more

Why Service is Vital for your Water Heater

Maybe you’ve experienced that moment with your water heater. The moment when your shower unexpectedly gets cold. Or how about…read more

When is it Time to Replace the Toilet

The question of replacing a toilet is not a simple one. Toilets are designed to last for many years, so…read more

Choosing the Best Heating System

Whether you’re considering a system for an existing home or you’re building a new home, how you heat it is…read more

Why a Humidifier is Important in Winter

More people are talking about having a humidifier. But why is it important? You might be surprised to find it…read more

Why does my shower get hot when the toilet flushes?

Imagine yourself enjoying a shower when suddenly you get a blast of scalding water. Someone has flushed and you get…read more

Genz-Ryan Wins Award for Ethics

Recently, Genz-Ryan found itself in a position so many in business would love to be in. The Better Business Bureau…read more

Service Parts Runner (Burnsville, MN)

Genz-Ryan Plumbing and Heating is a family owned and operated company located in Burnsville, MN and has been delivering the…read more
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