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Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area

Genz Ryan AC Unit

When your AC fails, sometimes it’s beyond repair. To restore your cooling quickly, trust Genz-Ryan Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical for seamless and hassle-free air conditioning replacement.

With high-quality products and services and a dedication to uncompromising customer satisfaction, you can rest assured that your home will remain comfortable on the hottest days thanks to a reliable and efficient new air conditioner.

For superior AC replacement and installation in the Twin Cities, call Genz-Ryan today at (612) 223-6158 or contact us online!

Signs You Need AC Replacement

At Genz-Ryan, we know that getting stuck without any cooling during the Twin Cities’ summer is more than just a minor inconvenience.

Lookout for these signs that your AC is nearing the end of its life span so you can plan for a replacement before your unit breaks down completely:

  • Your air conditioner is 12 to 15 years old or older.
  • Your air conditioner requires frequent repairs.
  • Your air conditioner needs repairs that cost more than 50% of the unit’s value.
  • Your air conditioner uses R-22 refrigerant, which is no longer sold.
  • Your air conditioner drives up your energy bills but doesn’t deliver the comfort you need.

Not all issues with your air conditioner require replacement. More minor issues, such as strange noises, low airflow, and power issues, can be resolved through AC repair.

If you aren’t sure whether you need repair or replacement, trust our expert technicians to give you the honest recommendation you need to make this decision.

Unsure if you need AC repair or replacement? Call Genz-Ryan at (612) 223-6158 or request service online!

How to Choose the Right Air Conditioner for Your Twin Cities Home

Purchasing a new AC unit is a major investment in your home and comfort. The team at Genz-Ryan will guide you through the replacement process, including selecting the right unit for your needs.

When choosing an air conditioner, some things we consider include:

  • The size of your home
  • Energy-efficiency rating
  • Cost
  • Warranty options

When you need a new AC, the team Genz-Ryan will guide you through the process from start to finish!

Maximize Your Cooling System’s Life Span with Routine Maintenance

Like any major investment in your home’s comfort, your new AC should receive annual maintenance.

With a tune-up from Genz-Ryan, you’ll receive a thorough inspection, cleaning, and calibration of your system to ensure your unit operates efficiently and effectively.

You’ll also extend your system’s life span by addressing wear and tear before it impacts your air conditioner’s function.

Enroll in our HomePulse Service Plan to streamline routine HVAC service. Benefits include:

  • Annual heating and AC tune-ups
  • Service call discounts
  • Priority service
  • 5% discount on replacements
  • 10% discount on repairs
  • Discounted air filters

Sign up for our HomePulse Plan and have the peace of mind that your AC is in good repair! Call (612) 223-6158 or contact Genz-Ryan online to sign up!

Contact Genz-Ryan for Upfront Pricing & Expert Installation

When you need exceptional air conditioning installation and replacement, turn to the team at Genz-Ryan Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical.

We’re committed to our community in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area and dedicated to providing top-notch service.

And with financing options, price doesn’t have to be a barrier to getting the cooling comfort your family needs.

Trust Genz-Ryan to replace your air conditioner. Call us today at (612) 223-6158 to request service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do bigger air conditioners work better?

Installing an air conditioner that’s too large for your home won’t cool your space faster, and you’ll waste money on your energy bills. It’s important to have a properly sized air conditioner for efficient cooling.

What is the AC installation process?

During the AC installation process, your HVAC contractor will remove the old system and install the new air conditioner according to manufacturer recommendations. Then, they’ll test the new unit to ensure everything is running smoothly.

How long does AC installation take?

Most AC installation jobs range from four hours to eight hours.

Can I install my own air conditioner?

It’s never a good idea to install your own air conditioner. You risk damaging the AC unit and will losing any warranty protection, so you need to hire a professional HVAC technician.

Will a new air conditioner help me save money?

Newer units run more efficiently than dated air conditioners, which will save you money on your energy bill. You also won’t be paying for frequent repairs for your old AC unit.

Customer Review
“The Genz-Ryan technician was great—he explained what was wrong with my AC unit and helped me decide to go with a new HVAC system since my house is 23 years old and it was on borrowed time.” – Anne

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