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5 Things You Should Avoid Putting Down Your Garbage Disposal

Posted On: November 10, 2017

Break out the cranberry sauce, carve the turkey and pick out your after-dinner napping spot on the couch, because it’s time for Thanksgiving!

When the meal is over and the food coma is setting in, don’t forget one of the most essential but most unpleasant jobs: the cleanup. When you’re doing dishes, it’s important to know that your garbage disposal doesn’t like some of the Thanksgiving food as much as you do. Putting certain foods down the garbage disposal can cause a plumbing nightmare.

To keep your Thanksgiving running smoothly, avoid a plumbing nightmare by not putting these foods down your garbage disposal:

  1. Potato peels

    The fibers can wrap around the teeth of the disposal and stop the motor.

  2. Grease/oil

    The grease can solidify once it gets in the pipes, causing a nasty clog.

  3. Beans, rice and other starches

    Starchy foods turn into a pasty substance when mixed with water, which can then stick to the pipes and clog the trap.

  4. Bones

    Bones won’t go down the disposal at all – they’ll just rattle around until they get lodged in the pipes.

  5. Coffee grounds

    Much like starchy foods, coffee grounds can collect in the drain and form a pasty substance, which then clogs the pipes.

Plumbing calls on Thanksgiving and Black Friday increase dramatically because of clogs in the kitchen sink. If you end up with a clog or other plumbing issue, contact Genz-Ryan. We have 24/7 emergency service, so we’re here to help no matter the day or time.

Don’t let your Thanksgiving get ruined by a clog. Take care of your garbage disposal this holiday season. But, if you do end up with a call, give us a call or schedule your next service call online.


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