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Reasons Not to Skip Your AC Tune-Up

Many homeowners are led to believe that an AC tune-up is a waste of money. Because of this some homeowners…read more

Healthy Kitchens

Ventilation. Kitchen design. Air quality. What do these three things have in common? Healthy living! You might ask yourself, how…read more

Celebrate Fix a Leak Week and Fix 3 Common Plumbing Leaks

March 16-22 is Fix a Leak Week! This week jump starts water conservation by bringing about awareness of potential water…read more

New Water Heater Regulations Could Put You in Hot Water After April 15, 2015

If your water heater is over seven years old and you have a family of four to consider, changes in…read more

Toilet Values

In the market for a new toilet? Not the most exciting thing to buy for your family but definitely a…read more

Back to the Oldies with Low Water Pressure

When you turn on the faucet, you expect lots of water to come out…but sometimes what you get is just…read more

Filter Savvy

We all know that changing your furnace filter is important. It helps you breathe easier and your furnace to work…read more

The Return of the Humidifier

Looking back in the Genz-Ryan archives of blog entries, this one seemed to stand out and sharing it again seemed…read more

Top 10 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Before the really cold temperatures set in, it’s important to make sure your home is ready. Proper home maintenance helps…read more

Tankless Water Heater Installation

So, you’re in the market for a new water heater, and have decided that you want a tankless one to…read more
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