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Emergency Heating Repair in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area

Furnace Repair Minneapolis - Genz-Ryan

Having a working heater in Minnesota isn’t just about comfort — it’s about safety. Without a properly working heater, your home will have issues caused by the extreme cold.

Luckily, the HVAC pros at Genz-Ryan Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical have been repairing heating systems in the Twin Cities since 1950, providing the highest quality emergency services and delivering uncompromising customer satisfaction.

Are you having issues with your heater? Contact the HVAC technicians 24/7 at Genz-Ryan at (612) 223-6158 today to schedule a service.

24/7 Emergency Heating Repair

Some furnace issues can wait, but in Minnesota, you need to contact us immediately if you have no heat in frigid temperatures, have a carbon monoxide alert, or have a gas leak from your furnace. We’ll be there, day or night, to get your heater back up and running.

Contact the experts at Genz-Ryan at (612) 223-6158 for emergency heating repair services today.

Signs You Need Heating Repair

Aside from your heat not working at all, there are some signs to watch for if you suspect that your furnace, boiler, heat pump, or hybrid heating system is on the fritz:

  • There are sounds such as banging, whistling, or groaning from your heater.
  • Your heater is on but not providing enough heat.
  • Your heater turns on and off more often than usual, known as short-cycling.
  • Strange smells indicate an issue, especially a burning or musty odor.
  • Your energy bills are suddenly much higher than usual, which could mean your heater is not running efficiently.
  • A yellow or flickering pilot light means poor combustion, and it could mean the presence of carbon monoxide. This is an immediate safety concern, so call us immediately if your pilot light isn’t blue!

Common Causes of Heating Breakdowns

There are various reasons why central heating systems break down. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Clogged air filter: Overly dirty or dusted air filters will block the furnace’s or heat pump’s airflow. Be sure to change or clean the filter at least every three months.
  • Ignition failure or fuel supply problems: Your furnace or boiler may be experiencing ignition issues if the gas line to the system is shut off, interrupted, or leaking. If the ignition sensor or pilot light doesn’t work, the system will shut down as a safety measure to stop releasing flammable gas.
  • Tripped circuit breaker: If your heater shuts off suddenly, check your home’s circuit breaker panel to see if it is tripped. If so, you need to switch it back into position to restore power to your heating system. If this issue only occurs on occasion, it isn’t something to worry about. However, if the breaker trips frequently, you should consult the Genz-Ryan team.
  • Thermostat failure: The thermostat could be your problem if the system is set to “cool” or “on” when instead it should be set to “heat.” If the thermostat is unresponsive or incorrect, you may need thermostat repair or replacement.

For the best expertise to address your furnace, heat pump, and boiler repair needs, call Genz-Ryan at (612) 223-6158 or schedule service online.

Systems We Repair

No matter your home’s HVAC systems, our HVAC technicians have the skills and passion to repair them all. Day or night, our mission is to keep your home warm, comfortable, and safe all winter long.

Genz-Ryan is proud to service the following heating systems in homes across Minneapolis-St. Paul:

Call Genz-Ryan at (612) 223-6158 in the Twin Cities to schedule your heating repair today.

Why Choose Genz-Ryan For Your Heating Repair?

Since 1950, a few things may have changed, but one thing has remained the same — our commitment to providing the highest quality heating services while delivering uncompromising customer service. By choosing Genz-Ryan, you can rest assured knowing that:

  • We have decades of award-winning heating service experience.
  • Our heating repair service is available any time, day or night, and holidays.
  • We repair furnaces and heating systems of all makes and models.
  • Our furnace repair technicians are certified and trained to handle your heating system repairs.
  • Our service vehicles are fully stocked to cover every heating repair you might encounter.

Are you ready to experience the Genz-Ryan difference? Call (612) 223-6158 to schedule heating repairs today.

How long will my heating system last?

Furnaces and heat pumps will typically last 12 to 15 years before they need to be replaced. Proper furnace maintenance can maximize the service life of your system, as can quality repairs, when required.

How much do furnace repairs cost?

It will depend on the nature of the problem and the parts required to repair it. At Genz-Ryan, we will recommend the most cost-effective furnace repair options for your budget, and we will provide detailed estimates before work begins. All our services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What are your most common furnace problems?

At Genz-Ryan, our most common heating problems that we encounter include faulty thermostats, igniter failures, thermocouple failures, dirty flame sensors, sooty burners, faulty fan limiters, faulty capacitors, and clogged filters. All of these are relatively minor and inexpensive to repair.

Can a cracked heat exchanger be repaired?

Because of the constant heat cycling that a heat exchanger must endure, once it’s damaged, it often cannot be repaired due to the deterioration of the surrounding metal. Installing a new heating system is often the most cost-effective option.

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