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Genz-Ryan’s Spot the Bus Contest Is Back

Posted On: September 29, 2017
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The fleet of Genz-Ryan buses is still buzzing around the SW transit line through Minneapolis and the southwest metro area, so keep your eyes peeled and get your phones and cameras ready, because we’re rolling out our Spot the Bus contest and in this “2.0” version, we’ve increased your chances of winning!

The rules are the same as our Summer contest, just make sure you play safely.

If you’re in the right “spot”, you can’t miss them – just look for big blue and red buses that have pictures of a couple making a heart symbol with their hands and a little boy giving a thumbs-up.

When you see one of these Genz-Ryan buses, take a picture of it and then upload it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #ILoveThoseGuys. Increase your chances of winning by posting different pictures as many times as you want. Just don’t forget to use #ILoveThoseGuys in the caption!

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For those following the contest, if you “share” or “retweet” someone’s post, you’ll be entered in the weekly drawing for a Genz-Ryan “I Love Those Guys” t-shirt and the monthly grand prize drawing for $250! Just make sure the post your sharing includes #ILoveThoseGuys caption.

As an added bonus, look for Genz-Ryan to post our own pictures of the bus each week. “Share” or “retweet” these pictures to also be entered in the weekly t-shirt and monthly grand prize drawings.

The contest starts Oct. 2nd and will run through Oct. 31st. Weekly t-shirt winners will be drawn and announced every Friday throughout October and we’ll draw and announce the $250 grand prize winner on Oct. 31st.

Have fun and play it safe!

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